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    There's wind out there, it feels like it's really trying to switch onshore and come in. 30+ surfers out at pipes. Sunny.

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    Rutland Water tomorrow... haven't sailed there in a while, could be okay, could be rubbish, but it's not as far as Hayling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    The BBC still have 18 mph for lunchtime onwards that could mean 20mph on the sea.

    The wind obviously dropped before 8am here, as the cold front went through a bit earlier than expected.

    It's still blowing quite hard further out in the Channel, but we need the W direction to back a bit WSW to bring the windline ashore.

    Big kit weather this afternoon?

    Just to confirm: That forecast is correct.

    There are boards planing outside my window on Hove seafront.

    Looks like about 20mph and WSW.
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    Ooops. That's not supposed to happen.
    It was solid 5m weather here, but it has just switched off.
    It was still windy under cloudy skies but then some light rain fell and that switched the wind from WSW to W or even WNW. And the offshore flow is now 10mph lighter.
    Hope no-one got caught out by that. I could see kites falling out of the sky, upwind from where I was sailing.
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    Photos from yesterday. Excuse fingers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sunday, 15.30hrs.

    It's the last day of August but it has felt like September for some time. The sun is lower in the sky, and there's glare when you look out to sea here.

    I'm just posting to confirm the BBC forecast for my beach this afternoon – which has always had a bit of a force 4 for this afternoon.
    The wind here is WSW and has built to about 14mph. That's enough to tempt out 3 or 4 boards off Hove Lagoon, but I've yet to see any of them show any sign of planing. No kites out either.

    There's just enough breeze to stop the sunbathers enjoying their Sunday afternoon on the beach – and enough wind chop to spoil my plan of a trip on the SUP.

    Looking ahead, we have a bit of wind forecast for tomorrow. At some point there may just be enough to sail on big kit.
    Once the high moves properly overhead this week however, we are probably stuffed for planing wind, unless you head to the east coast.
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