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    Been replacing a few things recently to avoid winter breakages and so recently bought two pairs of lines - one Flying Objects and one Neil Pryde. Not got the tape measure out, but the NP ones are definitely shorter than the FO ones, but the really noticeable thing is the 'swingyness' of them. Neither are complete swingers like the old Maui Magic ones I had which used to hit me in the face frequently, so I'm pleased to be shot of them. However the FO ones might as well be cast in iron - I think they're going to take some getting used to. I loosened them off the boom so that I could easily move them by hand, but once you hook into them, they are so rigid that they don't fall away even a mm when you try to unhook. Never known a line like it - not sure I like it either. Be warned.

    Basher, you use them - do they loosen up at all?
    The way they set on the boom depends on the boom diameter.
    With a small tube diameter, they fix with a flat bit of webbing showing below the anchorage points.
    That flat bit of webbing starts to hinge nicely after a while, eventually swinging in a controlled sort of way.
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    Thanks Basher, good to know.
    Trying not to work too hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutted View Post
    Thanks Basher, good to know.
    Yep..great tips and wrinkles guaranteed ...

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