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    Harness line chat room

    After windsurfing quite a bit recently I found myself getting annoyed with harness lines that are still quite new, as they seemed a bit short.
    They are Flying Objects fixed length lines, labelled at 30inch.
    I set the anchorage points close together on my Amex pro wave boom and this boom has narrow diameter tubing, so the 30inch lines should set at about 15inches from hook point to the boom.

    This is a good way of checking the length of your lines, rather than just reading the label. Pull the line outwards and squash the tube into a kink where you would hook in then measure from the hook-in point to the boom. Try and get the maximum setting. If you set the anchorage points further apart, the distance will shorten.

    I kept feeling the lines I have were a bit short and, indeed, the tape measure reveals they are 14 and 5/8ths.

    So I thought I'd try a 32inch set and have fitted those.
    Now they have bedded in, this new set are nearly 16inches when measured the same way.
    Freedom at last. Time will tell if I have gone too long especially for my short arms!

    But it's interesting to check what length lines you are actually using, and measuring them on the boom is the only way.
    I just had another boom regripped and that new pro grip is slightly thicker, effectively increasing the boom tube diameter.. So the same harness lines on that boom will set slightly shorter.

    This thread is for nerdy chat about harness line experiences.
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    Mine are all adjustable and have them set at 31 for use in waves and waist harness but 32.5 for use in flat water, with seat harness.
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    I just use variable length lines and set them where they feel right. Probably around 32".

    IMHO longer lines give you so much more control as you can get nicely low and away from the rig.

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    Why would anyone use fixed length lines?
    who dictates that?
    we are not all created equal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navegante View Post
    Why would anyone use fixed length lines?
    who dictates that?
    we are not all created equal...
    I think they mean non-adjustable lines... fine as long as your arms don't stretch whilst sailing on particular kit

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    Having nothing better to do, I have just measured my Neil Pryde 32'' fixed lines, which have confirmed what I thought- using Basher's method they come up at 16 3/4 ''.

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    Basher didn't you say people who measure their harness lines need to get a life?

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