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    Dec 2004
    4.7 again already here, that's 8 days out of 9 now with nothing bigger than 4.7.... UK windsurfing rocks...!!!!!

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    Anyone else only able to get out late afternoon/evening in the SE? Maybe clutching at straws but wonder if highish tide and westerly wind might work at Littlehampton if a small wave is getting in? I'm probably clutching at straws that i can even get away, but there is a chance. Anyone else fancy it, or have a better idea for a late one?
    Going to interviews, hence wind is back. In case you were wondering...

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    Well car was loaded..headed off and within 5mins engine warning light comes on...b*llocks. Now home in a bad mood!
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    Heading off to Wells for a low tide session. Looking like a freestyle board and 3.7/4.2. Hoping the wind has forced people off the beach so I can get a car parking spot.

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    Cars rocking , I guess there must be some wind

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    Basher on the beach, 15.20

    The wind built as forecast to reach 4m weather here but then the cold front dumped rain on us and killed it for a while.

    But I'm just posting this to say that the wind has come back, so latecomers should still find something, albeit probably on one size larger.

    Most have packed up here at West west Hove as the tide is now too full for the waves here. But the higher water spots should still be working.
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