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    Wednesday 30th July

    Poole Harbour hot and sunny, the water didn't feel wet, with a few gusts of wind to get planing on the big kit from time to time.

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    3-5:30. S wales. 5.8 and 100L waveboard.

    Good power and a few ramps once the tide had turned.

    Summer sailing. Tomorrow looks better. a blog about looping

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    Leasowe on the Wirral

    after a morning spent rigging my new 5.3m simmer iron with my new AL360 carbon boom fitting new harness lines etc

    i have a life you know !

    i packed up the car and left the afore mentioned new boom leaning against the garage

    get to Leasowe carry board down to the beach rig up on the grass and go to car to get boom Sh!t 1

    quick call to mrs max confirms it's leaning on the garage wall Mrs Max helpfully pointed out i may need that ?

    que 40 min round trip to get the boom ! and 2 more tunnel fare's

    5.3m Moo custom it was windy when i first got there but tailed off as the afternoon wore on went for a swim after the wind died and took some photo's so you guys know what you missed

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and its good to see everyone getting along

    did i miss anything ?
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    West west Hove, 3.30 to 6.30.

    A bit more wind than expected.
    Started on the 6.5 on the Atomic Kitten 110 and was cruising around on that quite happily, fully powered.
    I must do something about my old wave boom though as it definitely flexes in the tail section too much when set at 190cms. With more trust in my boom I would have sailed up to Shoreham this afternoon – an easy distance on a wide board with a 38cms fin in the back end.

    As it was, when the wind came up a bit more I thought I'd test how windy it was and I rigged up a 5m sail and put that on my freestyle board. Planed quite easily on that, although there were many holes and streaks in the wind today.

    At 6.30pm it started to ease down a bit and I thought about going back out on the 6.5 again but sat on the beach chatting instead. Lovely evening here.

    More wind expected tomorrow too.
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    yeah yeah

    me and Rod had 3 fins in our boards so we must have had a better time ?

    stands to reason

    but where not smug about it ! (much)

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    SUPer along the seafront from BDC. The light winds getting a bit annoying now.

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    JP Allride 116. 6.2m & 7m.
    Parton, Cumbria.
    Superb bump'n'jump afternoon.
    Wind a bit gusty, and hard work at first until the tide turned and levelled out the egg-boxes, then a great long session.

    Makes up for last night (St.Bees) where the wind dropped after just one reach and I wobbled in for an early shower.
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