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You can hardly blame them for taking advantage of the bubble before it bursts.

Lostboy. Is there a speculative market in bricks yet, or brick gazzumping going on? That would I think be a sign that trouble is just around the corner.
There's no "brick speculation" yet, but the larger housebuilders are just forward ordering as much production as they can for their own needs which has completely ****ed the rest of the market. 5m of one type of brick alone is already committed to one major housebuilder (with a name like a bank) as it's the spec brick for one of their standard house types! The problem has been that the manufacturers just completely shut down production and even when things started to get better (this time last year) they weren't ready (it takes a LONG time to fire up a brick kiln and get it to temperature etc.) so everyone had to try and source stuff from Europe.

Gutted, 3k/m2 sounds a little excessive, especially if that's for the usual "decorated shell" as opposed to having a fancy kitchen or something in it. BUT, demand is there at the moment so it's a sellers market............