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    Lol I couldn't do any of those tricks on ANY sized kit.
    I do agree about your kit size points, being a small guy I don't even like a 6m for flat water blasting, nevermind sailing in waves. But, if it is the only way to get out there and have fun on a wavey, non windy day then you gotta do what you gotta do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    We can also talk about the optimal set up for each conditions.

    And that won't be anything to do with asymmetric fins.
    depends on the conditions and what one wants to achieve -
    for freewave/wave my personal best setup has a lot to do
    with asymmetrical profiled performance fins with the right twist/rebound.
    but that is out of reach for you, nothing you ever tried, so you can't know.

    and then this thread is about stuff for intermediates..

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    The bigger waveboards might be for me a nice on to close the "gap" between good fun SUP and wavesailing.
    Serious considering a 110l board for conditions that are just too light or on/of for my 96l board. (Those new Nuevos for example look sweet :P)
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