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    Gollito is sailing more consistently than Kiri here – we could be in for a superfinal to pick the outright winner.
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    Superfinal next.

    (Well done Gollito!)

    Wish they'd hurry up – I want to go sailing myself.
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    So Gollito wins!

    That also opens up the title race, with just one event to go and no discard this year.
    Kiri remains favourite to retain his world title - as he now has a first and a second place to Gollito's fifth and a first.

    Sarah Quita Offringa has confirmed her world title amongst the women this year. Not surprising as she has yet to be beaten in a heat.
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    Official event summary, from the PWA:
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    The freestyle men's results, put Bubble down in joint 13th as the top British performer at this event.

    Women's results link:
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    Men's freestyle rankings for 2014, after two events and with just one to go (Sylt). No discard this year.

    Gollito now needs to win at Sylt.
    If Gollito wins Sylt then to get the 2014 title he still needs Kiri to be worse than 4th.
    If Kiri is 4th at Sylt then the two have equal points and there is a rule to split the draw to establish a winner – or else they can have a sail off*.
    For Steven Van Broeckhoven to win the title he needs to win Sylt and then Kiri and Gollito have to be way down the Sylt results.

    If there is no wind at Sylt, then these results stand for 2014.

    * I may need correcting on that.
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    Nice summary video from the PWA, showing freestyle footage:
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