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    cheers for the tip chris!

    So I got back home with all the supplies I needed and started to work on the board. Yesterday as I sanded the board down I realised that the core took quite a hit near the damage area and is quite soft. I outlined the soft area in pencil in the photo.

    A quick question to those more experienced: since the area where the core is so soft is so large, before adding the epoxy/fibreglass should I just cut out the whole soft part (shell+core) and put in a new chunk of EPS, or should I keep the core as it is and just add filler to the are to make it harder?

    Thanks again!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    If it were my board I'd be grinding down to the core, repairing the eps and replacing the pvc sandwich layer but I already have all the vacuum bagging kit with which to do it. Without spending more money than the board is worth your best bet is to carefully cut away the carbon kevlar skin to expose the cracks (a dremel cutting wheel is perfect for this if you have one) then drill holes through the pvc (pink) foam into the eps along the crack lines about an inch apart. You can go as deep as you like but stop when you hit the pvc on the other side. Then you need to inject expanding pu foam into the holes, stopping or taping them up as you go. The pu foam will expand into the cracks and bond the eps back together again. I use a 2 part marine foam, but you can only buy it in large quantities. A expanding builders foam would do perfectly well, just make sure the applicator nozzle fits into your drill holes (you can widen the top if necessary). Once it's set, sand off any excess, fill the area and glass over with 4 layers (as it's on the rail) of 4oz cloth.
    Hope this helps.

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    hmm.. do i also see a little crack extending up into the blue colored deck?

    how soft is the marked area?
    maybe the sandwich just delaminated from the eps core
    and you could also inject some epoxy to glue it together?
    at least i would sand the area a bit more down
    to get 1-2mm space for the new cloth!

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    Hi Mungo, thanks for the tips - I'll give that a try.

    Chris, the area is quite soft, it's sadly not delimitation, the core is cracked and crumbled in places. You are right, the crack goes all the way up under the graphic. I didn't sand off more as I was thinking of saving some work and just cutting the chunk of the board off and sticking a new piece of eps in there, but I'll try what mungo proposed and see where that will take me. Not much to lose with the board so no hurt in trying! Worse case I'll just replace a chunk of eps.

    I'll let you know how it goes!

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