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    I use a Mystic Majestic harness for both (It is marketed for both). It's got a knife and the hook is more like a kite one but I've never had a problem unhooking when windsurfing. Pretty comfy but the click in Spreader bar doesn't work very well in my opinion. I always have to loosen the straps to get the correct angle for the bar to click into place then tighten them again. Defeats the object of having a one click system.

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    I have been told that kiting puts a different directional strain on the hook so need a different strengthening. This is normally achieved through the shape of the hook. With the Dakine Chameleon I have, the hook is shaped like a windsurf bar but has a short strengthening bar on the top that makes it suitable for kite surfing.

    I have had no problems with it for windsurfing.

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