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    Sunday 20th July

    Camping down in the witterings near Chichester with in laws and had a superb weekend.

    saturday was pretty quiet and still so had a great time with the paddle board. 4 kids on one board playing last man standing for 3 hours!

    Sunday was was a bit warmer and I was hoping the forecast 10 knot westerly would get a bit of sea breeze assistance, but that never really kicked in.
    A few hours of fun with the kids on the paddle board, then I ventured out on the slalom gear. Just about got going but wind was quite holey so only lasted an hour.

    Came back in for some more fun with the kids and decided to pop the duke 5.4 on the paddle board. Kids thought that would be fun so after a few trial runs with one on the front, managed to get two up for an hour or so! Absolutely great fun.
    Roll on the next generation.

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    Think I might have seen you - there weren't many windsurfers out today! I was paddleboarding.

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