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    Amex mast - bend curve


    Does anyone know which bend curve Amex masts have?


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    It may depend which Amex mast you mean.

    I was told that Amex Supermodel RDMs had a constant curve with a slight flex top and that is more or less right.

    But I find my 370 Supermodel has a more flex top than the 4m version. It's like the 370 is relatively stiffer lower down.

    The greater flex top of the 370 means the head of the sail opens a touch earlier as you downhaul, but with the right downhaul and outhaul settings I'm very happy with the wind range and tuning range I get out of my sails.

    They seem to be durable masts considering how light they are. The 4m Supermodel weighs just 1.35kgs.

    I have no commercial connection with the brand but like their masts and booms. However, I can't seem to find any website for their stuff.
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