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Thread: Demon VG7 9.5

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    The early 7.4 sails were rubbish, and were redesigned when they did the 8.2, because they found the new 8.2 design was easier to control in stronger winds that made the old 7.4 a might have had the old 7.4's.....

    i was out again today on the 8.2 and was surprised how well it handled in 6.5m small board stuff...yes cheap and cheerful, but maybe not so bad?

    interested in what other Kona riders are using for recreational sailing.

    i currently use HSM Speedfreaks..6.5 right up to 10, but I'm not sure the 10 is a powerful enough design....

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    Well it ounds like you've answered your own question with the 8.2 and yes it was the crap old 7.4's we had, my 8.5 Race sail is easier to handle in a blow. Back on topic you might find that sail you asked about is similarly knaff in a strong breeze.

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