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    Looks like the forecast for late wind could be right.
    Check out Chimet, for the recent increase there.

    Here in Hove the earlier swing to S or SSW killed the wind for a while but it has since veered to WSW and is now gusting to 20mph.
    This wind is expected to last into the evening for those with big kit.
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    Sunday, 12.15

    The wind has built over the last hour here and is now pretty strong – more than forecast again, but not quite 5m weather yet. You'll certainly be fine on big kit or a kite. I'm hoping to get on the freestyle kit soon, although the tide is still high here. (And it's a big tide).

    The weather is a bit different from yesterday along the south coast, given that there's more rain cloud about – so watch out that any shower will make the wind up and down.

    With the WSW wind direction, a big shower will also turn the wind to offshore on some south-facing beaches – and that is what is forecast to happen late afternoon here, after 5pm at Hove, so best check your local forecast detail to avoid being caught out by any wind swing.

    The evening wind for the Southeast is supposed to veer to WNW – but the further east you are, the later this will happen.

    West of the Isle of Wight the wind direction is already WNW and for now the wind is stronger there, compared to say at Camber Sands.
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    As I don't live near the coast, I shall not be concerning myself with the possibility of getting on the water.

    I shall loiter on the interweb.
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    We'll be in a new weekly weather thread tomorrow but it's worth noting that the Southeast again has a good wind forecast for Monday.

    My BBC local forecast today had a wind peak of 16mph and yet we ended up on 5m rigs with wind actually gusting to 24mph.

    Tomorrow's same forecast has a 3pm wind peak of 19mph. Should be a nice sunny day too.

    There may be afterwork wind but best not leave it too late in the day to launch. I'd guess the wind will ease at 6pm, or as the tide bottoms out.
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