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    UK windsurfing weather from July 7th

    We got lucky in many areas last week, but this week it's more a case of chasing what wind there is.

    I'm looking at white horses outside my window right now but the forecast is for just 12-14mph – meaning even with add on effects we will need big kit to sail. The wind peak is also due at lunchtime.
    The forecast also has less wind for this afternoon and I see no reason to contradict that.

    I may give it a go on my 6.5 to see if it's possible to plane on a wide and floaty board.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, looks a lot better with a sunny and showery day expected and a westerly predicted. I think we could well see up to 18mph here in shingly central if the direction backs more WSW.

    But the better gradient wind this week comes in on Wednesday and Thursday, with a new low moving towards the east coast from the near continent.
    There will be little wind in the west (unless local effects kick in) but Wednesday looks good for North Norfolk and the east coast, with a N/NW wind.
    In the South, this wind is probably better on Thursday. This midweek wind is complicated by a warm front travelling down from north to south.

    What happens after that, and for the weekend, remains to be confirmed. There is still a chance of a return to SW winds and sailable conditions for the weekend.
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    Hove eyeball report.

    The BBC have this as the windiest time, whereas GFS forecasts have mid afternoon as windier.
    The wind has built here to feel 'sea breezy' but it's still right on the money with the BBC forecast for 13mph at this time – maybe now 15mph on the sea.

    There is no-one out and I'm not yet tempted.
    But the clouds are shifting overhead as if there is more to come so it's worth monitoring what this teasing wind offers.

    The wind is much the same across the southeast, with up to force 5 being offered on Chimet, and camber has been logging 16mph.

    I still think it's a big kit day, rather than like yesterday.
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    Wednesday is looking pretty solid NW'ly for the N kent coast. Anyone thinking of Tankerton or Minster? What are the best tide times for those spots?
    Going to interviews, hence wind is back. In case you were wondering...

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    PM me for more details/pics.

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    In a NW, minster is best from an hour after low up through the rising tide, tankerton too I think (don't like it there so only been once).
    Westbrook is a distinct possiblity for waves, gotta go fetch the kids from scouts but will talk about Wednesday a lot more later/tomorrow once I've checked the tide times!
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    Arf, tides are perfect for a late one/after work..... Gonna be busy...

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    Ok just had a look, Minster good for both dawnies and duskies/afterworkies (well 5 onwards like Rich says), westbrook needs mid/high so 7am - 13:00 both days.
    I wouldn't risk a wednesday dawnie as the wind just starts blowing, so probably no waves, and a thursday dawnie looks good for waves, but you stand the chance of missing the wind.

    So, Wednesday late arvo Minster session looks like the winrar. Also it's got a lot of N in it, so Minster willl have a better angle than tankerton or WB.

    If the forecast changes and wind stays around for Thursday, Botany Bay might be pretty good too.
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    Tuesday, 7.45

    I thought we might get a bit of sea breezy wind today but that seems less likely now.
    Although the wind should come onshore in the Southeast at W/WSW the wind strength now looks marginal again unless, like yesterday, you have very big kit.

    Wednesday still looks best for the east coast with the Lincolnshire coast and North Norfolk maybe doing better than further south in the NNW wind.
    The North Kent coast probably gets better Wednesday wind later in the day, with Thursday morning better for wind there.

    Looking ahead, I see the far Southwest gets something on Sunday with a building WNW wind that gets even stronger for Monday on current forecasts.
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