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    Are you sure you can't get one of my racks inside the van?

    The rear mounted rack is a nice idea but the biggest problem you will find is the cost to develop the first one will be huge. You'd be lucky to get it for 3 times what you want to pay.

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    Sorry been in Tenerife so not been able to reply....
    Quote Originally Posted by boards_Geko View Post
    Are you sure you can't get one of my racks inside the van?
    Unfortunately not Geko...I did look at your racks but as my T5 is kitted out as a camper van there is zero space inside for racking.

    Quote Originally Posted by TireeTim View Post
    Have a look at these :
    Quite a few people have adapted them for paramotors which are quite heavy. Not tried one myself but I think they are strong (130Kgs loading - more than the tow bar). You might be able to modify one.
    Cheers Tim, this is an interesting one. They actually mention using it as a windsurfing rack on their site, I'll give them a bell to find out some more.

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    I'd be interested to hear how you got on with this Danny. I might be looking at doing the same thing for a trip next year.
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