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    So how does the surfing tour generate all those sponsors without the doubles, push forwards etc? Just with waves to ride.

    And the answer is - as soon as Koester didn't win and I suggested that it was down to the judges finally getting their heads on straight and actually judging riding as opposed to being blinded by the jumps and his previously extraordinary aerial talent there were a number of people suggesting that jumps were more important in a wave tour, this is ********.

    Again, I've been very consistent for years in my arguments about the venues on the tour, how the judging works, the fact that I think Koester is an amazing talent but ISN'T the best wavesailor. A number of people who've always moaned about the lack of DTL and "waveriding" spots have bemoaned the port tack, jumping bias of the locations and suggested it's too heavily geared for "Pozo sailors" seem to have done an abrupt volte-face and apparently all that's fine but only if the bloke who jumps the best wins. Sorry I don't agree and never have.
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    Not sure where this is going.

    The surfing tour attracts sponsors because there is a huge market (still) for surf wear and the fresh-air-and-freedom image of surfing suits some products.

    But the sponsors don't mind if an event features big barrels or smaller surf with the new generation pulling off tricks and aerials on the wave. All good.

    With the conditions they have had, Gabriel Medina leads the ASP tour – with his all-round skills that include aerials. He may win the title this year, and that simply means he's crowned as the 'best' surfer this year under that chosen process.
    In another year, it might be Kelly Slater or Mick Fanning again – after different conditions benefit their slightly different skills.

    In windsurfing, I don't think anyone really minds if a great wave rider or wave jumper wins the PWA title. You need some element of both skills to get anywhere near the top.

    I just want to see them compete and to see a winner crowned after him showing great skills and guts and a heat-savvy approach.

    If there has been anything unfair about recents years, that's been that there haven't been enough stops on the wave tour – extra events mean more heats in more varied conditions so the tour becomes fairer and less skewed by one sailor's unusual skills or another sailor's bad heat. Last year the sailors didn't even get one discard.
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