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    Friday, June 27th

    After a forecast meltdown it looked like we weren't going to get a sail today. There was a brief period of about 18mph at breakfast time here, but then the wind dropped to be more like 10mph for the afternoon.

    By 5pm however, the wind was up to about 12 or 14mph and there seemed to be about 20 boards out off Hove Lagoon – and since they weren't planing they all drifted down to outside my house for their outer gybe.

    I decided I'd join them for a bit of floatyboarding, and I thought it might be a good time to try launching with my new big kit, from the beach at the end of my road.

    The Atom 110 carries OK by the front strap and I managed the mast and sail at the same time by strapping it to the boom with an uphaul and the outhaul. Wetsuit on, harness on, and off I went in one trip, fin already fitted to the board.

    I rigged up on the beach (6.5 sail) and then launched, feeling very little wind at all by the water's edge.

    Indeed I had to slog out through the current and all the Hove lagoon crew were pretty becalmed too, at that stage.

    But there was a bit more wind further out, and it started to come through in stronger gusts. So I bore off down a wave and pumped a bit and the Atomic Kitten stared to plane. I was quite surprised.

    And that's how it was for the next hour or so. The wind was patchy but building, and you could pump onto the plane in a gust and then keep going.
    The others weren't going so well, on similar size sails to me, so I was quite surprised – and so were they. I sailed upwind to the Lagoon beach and some came to ask what kit I was on.
    The only other guy I saw plane at that stage was on a 7.8. One guy on the beach said the clubhouse was only logging 12knots – less than yesterday.

    But it did come up some more and soon I was planing all the time. Those amongst the others who stuck with it also started to plane – and we ended up with good late wind here, albeit still gusty and patchy.

    But a couple of hours were enough for me, so I sailed back down wind to my house, and took the kit apart again to carry it home. It's a bit more difficult carrying that wide board across the seafront road in one hand when the wind is blowing!
    It was also tempting to go back out again, as the evening wind came up a lot.

    Might give it another go tomorrow, to see if I can make it three days in a row.

    I think I'm now officially a freeride sailor. I'll be buying long fins next. Oh the shame.
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    After a very early finish I made my way to Rye watersports for the afternoon. Very enjoyable in the sun. Was going to carry onto camber but was not sure if anyone was about, but sounds like there was, good to know for future and good you got out to Rich.

    Anyone reading this who was stuck in the office this afternoon, don't be gealous of me as it is normally me reading reports of people out windsurfing while I am stuck at work, so today was a one off

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    Almost a repeat of yesterday at Hamworthy except SW instead of East.....and the gusts were therefore not quite at the same level. Still a pretty constant 17/18 knots once the sky cleared at about 1pm and we then had a full afternoon of sun. I used the IS 127 again with 7.8m but this time set the sail on the lower clew to better deal with the gusts. I much prefer the sail on that setting except in the lightest of wind conditions.
    In a SSW or SW we aim to get hard upwind until we can sail across from Furzey to Arne ( what we call the Triangle) which has even more wind accelerated through between Long Island and Arne and is the only area of relatively flat water. Eve that was not as as flat as usual so I could not get my max speed over 25.5kts. Getting over to the Traingle means about 4/5 miles of hard beating to kick problem on the IS 127 which just flies upwind. Although the gusts were a little less powerful that yesterday the wind gradually built all afternoon and I could really have been on a 7m again probably with the IS 110. By about 3.30 it was just too rough and windy for the 127/7.8 so I called it a day rather than rig another sail. We covered about 40 km, which together with much the same yesterday, was enough for my legs!

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    After work session off the lagoon, spotted one sailer planing so thought is was worth ago. Wobbled about on a 6.5 and 95l board for a while right down to King Alfred. The chap was passing me back and forwards on the plane (that was you Basher) smiling.

    Spent another hour out there and eventually the wind filled in for a bit, had a few good runs and returned to the Deep Sea beach.

    Board shorts and rash vest wasn't the best of idea, very hot shower required when I got in......

    Good to get out, it's been a while, few more kts would have been good.

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    Having not sailed since the beginning of May I was keen to get a session. We got down to the flat about 7pm unloaded the car etc, on the water at 8 pm I know a bit desperate. 112 firemove with 7.5 m, planed right of the beach and nailed my first gybe. This board is great. Could not believe how warm the air and water was, real summertime sailing. Planning back and forth to Rustington into a setting sun was the highlight of the evening. Great way to finish a busy working week. Hoping for more tomorrow

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    Good evening at Camber started on 7.8 and 111 Isonic not used something of this size for ages so took a bit of getting used to. I have only used that combo in flat water so it felt a bit strange in the little swell/chop kept thinking i was going over and going to break ankles or something. After a little while came in and rigged 6.5 and grabbed 103l felt much better should have rigged it from the start spent the rest of the time blasting about, by the time i got off the water the sun was just setting looked awesome. Great session need more
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