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    Not an Atom, but related. Been using an Exocet X-Cross 115 the past year. The 120's were too wide, the 110's a touch too low in volume for me. Excellent combination of early planning, speed, gybing and control in rough stuff.

    Wide and thin a winning combo

    Has some good reviews in French mags

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    I have the RRD Firemove V2 122. I have sailed it with a Lion 7.5 (very comfortable), a Cheetah 6.5 (favorite), a Cheetah 5.5 (choppy and overpowered, and the board was much better than expected) and a Zephyr 7.5.

    When I used the Zephyr, the wind was marginal. I had a delightful 45 minutes of easy planing, and then an hour of mostly slogging, but planing from time to time when a gust came through. Slogging is ok on the board, and I noted that it is easier to waterstart in marginal conditions than my old X-Cite Ride 134.

    The evening with a Cheetah 5.5 was a real surprise. I wanted to see how the Firemove would work, and it worked nicely. I am not good at gybing in the choppy conditions we get in 25 - 30, but the Firemove is very forgiving, and I was able to stay on top of the board for the most part. I then used the same sail with an All ride 116, and spent way too much time in the water. I only made one gybe with that board. So, the easy decision was made to get rid of the All Ride.

    In short, the board is lovely for an old, out of shape, 210 over 60 guy like me, and as I have committed to working harder at my physical condition to sail more, this board is a great asset.

    I am going to get a smaller size - either a 112 or a 102 - for more fun. But, the 122 will be my main, all-around board.

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