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    Oooops. I missed this.

    Sunday afternoon wind?

    The rain showers over north Norfolk are now tracking south and heading towards east London and Essex and for Kent later but there is the chance of another area of rain heading south into Sussex.
    Ahead of that rain the wind should back more westerly for a brief while, and I see the BBC forecast now has 16mph for late afternoon here.

    That 16mph forecast would normally mean 18mph on the water and the timing here is great for the falling tide.

    If it stays W or WNW then that will be cross off at places like Shoreham but OK for Hove.

    This may not happen, and the wind is solidly stuck in the NW direction as I type this.
    Check what's happening in another hour perhaps.

    This wind swing was on last night's forecast for today, but since then they have upped the likely wind strength.
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    watch out for grumpy people after all this recent rain

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    Wind still cross off here, and so very gusty.
    But there are four boards out off Hove Lagoon and I've seen them all plane in the bigger gusts.
    If the wind backs to W as BBC say it will, then this could be good for an hour or two.
    watch out for grumpy people after all this recent rain

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    Sounds like Rich C doesn't know the difference between a sea breeze and an approaching front.

    They had the swing onshore there but now it is well offshore again, so I hope nobody got caught out by that.

    Here in Hove we've had the increase in wind but not the swing to westerly, despite the BBC still saying we get side shore wind at 5pm.
    That seems unlikely now as, if anything, our wind seems to have more N in it now.

    Where it does come side shore at your beach or side on, watch out it will swing to cross off again.
    watch out for grumpy people after all this recent rain

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