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    I'd like to add it is a beautiful Sunday over here wish many of you could see it.
    This thread has run it's course for the time being I guess. I'm sure we'll carry on with our opinions because, let's admit it, many of us are a sensitive bunch of bitches, right?
    Insert your smiley here.
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    This forum has been a good source of information and I think, still is. I often read advice from forumites and still learn something new each year.

    The banter is fine if it is done with the right intention - ie. humour.

    I would prefer if disagreements stuck to the subject and didn't get personal. Attack the argument, not the person.

    I'd also appreciate if more people would just make their point and cut down on the 'having the last word' situations that sometimes arise.

    I appreciate Arf and Naomi volunteering to get involved in administering the site and take their involvement for what it is - being helpful.

    My approach to forums is that they are not something to get worked up about. That's one of the advantages - these people don't come into your world unless you engage with them in some way. You can choose to get upset or not.

    I still think it is a good forum. Windsurfing is a better sport than it ever has been. I think the weather has been less favourable in recent years. Maybe we need more good wind?

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