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    we all gotta learn to be better versions of ourselves, takes a little time and a lot of encouragement sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    I don't think we want new IDs that are created just to attack others.
    That's as bad as what you are accusing Big Wave Dave of?

    So, don't go on. Post something about windsurfing instead.
    Tell us about your last session maybe.

    Otherwise, welcome to the forum.
    He who dies with the most hats wins.

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    smallwavediv, is that a sort of "mini me" ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smallwavediv View Post
    I haven't posted on here before but have been reading posts for a very long time.

    Bigwavedave or should I call you Cliff? The story Rod mentioned is true, he got it third hand but the facts are correct. I work with the guy whose son you attacked so know the story inside out. You later said sorry and he said you seemed genuinely upset by the whole incident.

    You also attacked (on the Southend windsurfing forum) one of the girls mentioned in your list of female Essex windsurfers and she was very upset by this, please think before you post.

    i could go on but I won't.
    Interesting . This happened 4 years ago and myself and the other people in the incident shook hands over this a couple of year back and put it behind us But still some in southend keep bringing it up on here, why ? If we have put it behind us whats their problem ? . As i said before if you wish to discuss it in person you know where i am . I am on here to talk windsurfing but every now and then someone brings this up . strange . As for attacking girl windsurfer in southend forum ,sorry but i dont remember that ? and im sure it was in jest or i had a good reason ? , but hey lifes to short and some people are abit touchy .But remember mate , Theres two sides to a story you only know one ? Plus im not going to dicuss it on here its private business and not for a national forum ,ok. But cheers for the post and can we leave it in the past now please southend .
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    Quote Originally Posted by big wave dave View Post
    but hey lifes to short and some people are abit touchy .
    So where's the thread saying "GBH or ABH" then?
    Just because you shout loudest don't mean that you're right!

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