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    Thanks for all the tips guys.

    I'm sure I need to improve mast foot pressure.
    When I do try to put all my weight in the harness then I realize I bend both my legs. This time I'll try and keep the front leg and front arm straight. I'm pretty sure that my front arm was bent as trying to keep sail under control and not catapult.
    Board is a Viper 80 so plenty of width and volume. I do find though the straps a bit too far back even in the intermediate set up. I did find when trying a GO 155 that the straps where much nearer and therefore was sort of inviting me to put my foot in.
    I'm sure though I just need practice

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    You can try it without being hooked in, which I find reduces catapult incidents, allows me to get the sail further forward to increase early planing and I find is much more comfortable:

    - Get a bit of speed in harness keeping front leg straight and back leg bent and driving board slightly off the wind (downwind)
    - then when you just get onto plane (but still have plenty of pull in the sail - else you'll drop off again it its marginal) unhook and keep pulling down through boom to unweight feet, and whilst maintaining your body position slip your front foot into the strap whilst heading off the wind (this sailing off the wind allows you to lean back a little further to help you get the foot in)
    - then whilst keeping speed change course to bear a little upwind and lean body slightly forward to unweight the back foot and slip it into the strap (it is during this back foot entry that I found most catapults/issues would occur if hooked in when its choppy). Going upwind helps you unweight the back foot.
    - with both feet in straps hook in relax the arms and fire that baby up!

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