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    Getting in Footstraps

    Can someone help me please.
    I'm finally planing long enough to try and get in the straps. Problem is each time I get my front foot in then I get off the plane and once off the plane even if I try and power the sail up as much as I can I just can't get planing again.
    Once off the plane then obviously the more I stay in the straps the worst it gets and need to get my foot out.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Hi AndySG, I am sure someone will be able to explain better than me but you want to make yourself as light as possible on your feet in order to get planing early and into the straps. You do this by dropping your weight and pulling down on the harness lines making sure your shoulders and hips are facing forwards. Also check you have an extended straight front arm and also a straight front leg. All this means your driving the power down through the centre of the board and should make you lighter on your feet. I usually try and nudge my feet back until I feel the strap then its just putting your weight momentarily onto your back leg so you can slide your foot quickly into the strap. Hope that helps and there is a good video here:
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    Hi, if you wait for the board to plane before getting in the straps then its too late and walking around the board at speed will unsettle and possibly stop the board from planing. So the trick is to sail off the plane upwind then when you get a strong gust then get in the front strap and bear away. Just when you are on the vinegar strokes of planing then get in the backstraps. Also if you are sailing in marginal winds its probably a lack if wind, you probably need a nice f5 to nail the first ones.

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    Tony E I think that's a harder method when learning, but a good way when there's plenty of wind. To me it sounds like an issue of not weighting the harness enough, to be light enough on your feet to get into the straps. Perhaps raise the boom slightly, bear off, weight fully into the harness over a bent back leg, kick the front foot in, head up slightly to shift weight off your back foot, and feel for the back strap.
    good luck

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    Before you go to put your feet into the straps, nearly all your weight heeds to be on the rig through your harness, rather than on the board through your feet. But more than that you need to have more weight through your front hand to stop the board luffing up (heading into wind).

    By having your weight through your front hand you are effectively putting your weight through the mast foot - hence the term 'mast foot pressure'. This will counter-act the tendency for the board to head up into the wind until you are settled in the straps.

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    Do you have the option of changing the position of your footstraps?

    On a recent Neilson holiday I progressed to using footstraps very easily because all the boards were set up with the straps forward and inboard. With these settings there is far less risk of causing the board to come off the plane/head upwind.

    Once you have mastered using the straps in the forward/inboard position you can gradually move them back and out.

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    Ok so you are planning along,
    As the guys say before lifting the front foot off the deck, make sure you have as much weight in the harness as you can.
    Make sure your back foot is in a position where it can hold the board level trim wise. Practice lifting the front foot off the deck and keeping as much weight in the harness sail with a light back foot, a second or two will do just so you know when you lift the front foot you maintain trim with the back foot. Once you are happy doing that you can move your front foot into the strap. Do not look at the front strap feel for it because as you look down you will upset the trim. Slide your front foot in gently.
    You can sail like this for a while, when you find a little more power / speed, weight the harness the same and point down on your toes and trim the board flat with your front foot. Place your back foot in as gently as you can so as not to upset board trim. Don't look for the strap, you can work your way down the board scissor fashion until your foot is next to it.
    The faster you are going, more windy it is you can be a bit rougher but doing that will upset the trim.

    You may not be planning fast enough previously, if you have your front foot in the straps and you keep the trim right you should get your back foot in, but any slight trim upset will cause you to loose speed and drop off the plane.

    One trick is when in the front strap, instead of moving you back leg further back, as you lift your foot, push forward with your front foot ( spreading your legs so to speak ) and you will find the board moves forward and presents the back strap next to your foot, this is an excellent way of getting into the back strap without upsetting the board and feels good too.

    Some people can get in the straps before planning, but I have never had a board big enough to enable this.

    Good Luck

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