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    Default West wittering vs East Wittering

    I'm moving to the witterings and wated to know if there are any differences between the on water set up and conditions between east and west wittering.

    For example, when there are waves suitable for wavesailing/ jumping is it better at west or east wittering? or is it just pretty similar? would you tend to head to one venue over the other in different conditions?

    I know at West Wittering they have a super centre with great facilities on the beach; but I'm just interested in any differences in conditions for windsurfing between them.

    Thanks in advance

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    East is better but West has the image.

    West also has the "speed channel" at low tide, but it's a farking long walk to get anywhere, so get friendly with whoever is driving the quad at the club to give you a lift down there.
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    Launching at East / Bracks at high tide is not easy - on shore shore break etc

    Launching at West at high tide is easy

    Waves best East / Bracks as tide drops new cafe at Bracks and toilet

    West in NNW wind with swell >1.5m + > 10 seconds at high tide is exceptional but rare 1 or 2 times a year max

    So if you have cash get WW card but you will probably sail Bracks most of time
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    I agree with that.
    if you have the cash and want to sail at high tide, the west is a very special place.
    if you haven't or won't do that then just stick with east wittering or bracklesham. Superb jumping and backside wave riding.
    Down the line sailing is tricky unless in a full on nw. I find having a small twin fin for those cross on conditions to get a quick smack in is superb.

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