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Thread: Ugly Gybes

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    Ugly Gybes

    Still far from a smooth planing exit.

    Standing too upright? owt else?

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    Windsurfers do it standing up in shop doorways.

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    As someone who is absolutely crap at them I can say prabably too tight a turn, this opinion is based on half-listening to loads of lessons on them with CV and being currently powered by Carling.
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    To little speed and mast foot pressure at the entry and to stiff. Go broader and build up speed and bend over your toe balls with an extended forearm at entry.
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    I am not that great myself, but sequence 2, photo 6 should show you sailing about as fast as you could go on that day. Photo 8/9, your arms, at least your front arm should be straighter, rig further away from you.

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    i would say you are not going with the sail and pulling it toward you so your weight stays on the tail stalling the board

    you need to lean forward towards the inside rail ideally leaning towards a half way point between the mast foot and the nose of the board this will keep the board flatter and keep your speed up turn the board by lifting the front foot and gentle back foot pressure keep the front arm straight and try and keep the mast foot pressure on with this till you flick the sail

    we call what you are doing a royal queen mother gybe round my way you will get round but it then becomes hard work as its a standing start every time out you probably head into wind a lot and need to muscle everything about to get back of the wind and start planing out again ?

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    That first pic is a classic of what we call 'straight leg gybing' – you don't lean into the turn at all, so your weight stays on the tail of the board and that slows you down and sinks the tail after the rig flip.

    Bend the knees and lean forwards more as you carve into the turn.
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    As above you are gybing off the back of the board and you have already sheeted out before you have started to carve ( look at how "nose high" the board is riding and the angle of your sail in the first 7/8 frames). You should aim to pick up speed by bearing away...........present the front of the sail to the wind slightly on an extended front arm ( and keep it straight).............sheet in hard with the back hand. You are sheeting in to catch the apparent wind which ( assuming you are going reasonably fast) is on the nose of the board as you bear away. To fully commit the rail you need to maintain mast foot pressure and keep the nose down. So pull down through the boom with the front hand and push your knees into the turn. You are aiming to get the rail engaged at least as far forward as the mast foot.

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