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    Thursday May 8th

    Well I had a good sail..... at Worthing.

    The rain cleared from mid afternoon but it was still misty here. Tide was already a bit high on my local beach and there was no-one about, not even surfers.

    So I thought I'd sail at Shoreham for a change. Got there at about 3.30pm and the wind was OK and cross-shore but the waves looked messy and squashed up. Plus the only other person there was packing up – and he'd been on a 4m sail.

    So I drove on to Worthing and was disappointed to find the tide still well off the groynes there – and the only 'waves' on offer were white water shelves for bump and jump.
    It was windy though, with some sailors changing down to 4.2s.

    I was already wet from the rain and a bit cold, so I nearly talked myself out of it.
    Luckily, I decided to hang around to see if the waves would get better as the tide filled – and they did.

    Although some were packing up at that stage, they said it was still windy. So I rigged a 4m sail – and was joined by some others who rigged from 3.7 to 4.5.

    And that was about right for me, again on NuEvo 86 board.
    As the tide came up the shingle, the waves did indeed get better, although mostly about two foot (waist high faces) but that was OK from some good little rides. I also enjoyed a tight slam gybe on each of the outside turns, and so that was quite fun. Not so fun were the endless jumps you could get on the way out – Hazza would have loved it, but my dodgy back didn't.

    The wind was a bit gusty, but the great thing was there were few out – a handful of windsurfers and just two kiters off the little SeaLanes Cafe bay. So it was an easy session with no-one getting in the way, and you could more or less pick what wave you wanted.

    Putting on a wet wetsuit from yesterday was not nice, but it was not actually that cold on the water.
    Although today has been a miserable one for most people around here. My socks are still wet and our road here in Hove has a few discarded umbrellas.

    Third day windsurfing in a row for me. And more to come.
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    the manhood was excellent today.
    started at bracks where it was stunt ramp tastic and some hideously onshore riding. was a bit lonely on my own but then saw a pretty large pushie landed at jolife - got curious so went to investigate. some bloke called timo. totally showed the rest of us up; thats not to say the other 3 of us weren't trying with a few mid altitude backies and reasonable waverides but wave 360's and stomped pushies are another level. eventually got tired, started sailing crap so blasted back to bracks where the waves were bigger and maybe better for riding but a bit meaty for jumping on your own! more tomorrow, sat and sun and maybe monday? BOOM. Ill try and post eyeballs from the beach to my Facebook in the absence of chimet.
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    Camber was solid tonight, proper sized waves. I'll have more of that tomorrow please....!!! ��

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    Gnarly 5m weather over here.

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    Pagham cross-off smooth clean waves on a 4.7. Waves just a foot or so away from making a perfect comeback sail. Forgot what warm weather sailing was like. Pagham spit has changed a lot -some fin breaking sandbars and submerged groynes but still one of the best high tide spots.

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    S Wales reef. Slighty cross off and completely nuking 4.2 wind at first. Luckily it moderated a tad. Waves in the shoulder to head high range. Peeling nicely down the reef for a few turns. Water state as flat as a lake. No chop. a blog about looping

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    Had an afterwork sail at datchet water. Wind was quite light at first, so I was on a 7 and 122 futura but planing most of the time, an hour later the drizzle cleared and someone turned the wind machine on. So I changed down to 104 and 5.5m. Wind had lots of holes in it, and I was a bit tired so not my best sail, but I still enjoyed it. Enjoyed jumping off the chop, much better on port tack now, feel like I can pick my landing spot downwind, but not so great on s'board. 5 others out and a catamaran with 4 crew. One guy flying around on what looked like one of those new rrd freemove boards (maybe about 120l?)- seems like they do have quite a large wind range! I was quite impressed, as my 104 felt a bit big at times.
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