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    It's also worth mentioning, that if any of you are still coming out here for a last minute trip in the next few weeks, then Virgin still have a flight sale on, but that sale ends tomorrow.
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    Comedy moment here in Cape Town.

    It's a windy and wavey day here but several of us agreed to meet up this morning for a photoshoot – with the deal being we'd talk on Facebook first thing to decide where would be best to sail.
    Except that Facebook is down this morning.
    We may end up having to use the phone.
    And, whoops, I'm out of credit on mine.

    If anyone is reading this, it's windy at Big Bay with about 7 kites out (at 9am) but the wind will be steadier at Sunset for the early windsurf session. As the day warms, the wind could well ease after 11am before returning hard later.
    I'm heading north later.

    There are waves here at Big Bay but not the 4m swell that was forecast. It is high water though.
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    I went up to Langebaan yesterday and had a run in the Kite Windsurf Cup. Wind was very light. We did an upwind and a downwind race around the Island. The upwind race started with a slalom section down to Friday Island, then upwind around the Island and a sprint back down to Main Beach.

    With my no cam 7.3 I didn't stand much of a chance against the 8.6/9.5 racing boys and couldn't get planing at the start. The bobbing with the current pushed me close to the Island and into a wind shadow that just made my life worse. I made up ground on the upwind section though. Some of the slalom guys don't seem to know how to carve tack and their gybing combined with some good luck with the wind shifts meant I tacked two or three times less than they did. Still not as few as the Kona and the Formula board that were competing mind you and the foiling kites caned us all just going straight upwind. I got past a couple of the sailors who normally beat me, but still finished way behind the top guys. Top 3 in the upwind race were kites with foil boards (Mauritians in the top two places). First windsurfer in 4th. Seb Cattelan (kite speed world record holder) only just managed the Top 10, so shows how fast some of the guys were.

    Second race was downwind around the Island and although I again got too close to the scenery, I managed to get to the first mark with just a little bob in the wind shadow. I was then in a dice with one of the speed sailors fresh back from Luderitz who had finished just behind me in race one. He was on an 8.6 Severne Reflex 6 and Patrik Slalom 128, me on a North e_type no cam 7.3 and Patrik Slalom 115. Neck and neck for about 3km's. We caught up to the kites and screamed past a kitefoil (the older foils top out at 15 knots or so) and the two of us were neck and neck into the gybe just off the beach. I went high for the mark rounding, turned in tighter and felt like Dunki as I cut in behind him, planed across his wake and pulled away. Held that lead for about 2km's and was hauling in the Mauritians on windsurfers before I heard the "tick, tick, tick" of my nemesis catching me. Just couldn't match his top speed with my kit and got rolled going into the next mark. It was still close as we went round but I had to suddenly go deeper to avoid a seal (!!) just after the mark and fell off the plane just long enough for him to get away. That race was won by Julien Morel on a windsurfer with a kitefoil in second and Seb Cattelan in third. Windsurfers took most of the rest of the top ten.

    The forecast today is for 34 knots of wind so they are going to run the Saldanha Sprint race which is a grand slalom course in a more protected part of the lagoon. Basically a slalom course but with very long legs.

    Looks like wind on Wednesday again so perhaps the Lagoon race will be run (upwind all the way to Kraalbaai and downwind along the sandbar to Pearlies). In testing the course, one of the organisers (on a windsurfer) had an average speed over 3 km's along the sandbar of over 30 knots! Should be a fun race especially given the need to balance the kit for upwind and downwind legs. And then we have the Downwind Dash on Saturday which is looking like it will be run in 15-20 knots.

    Fantastic fun and if you're in Cape Town and have freeride or race kit, do try to get up there and have a go. Heck, if you have wave or freestyle kit, the Dash is also a blast. The Cup is a great blend of hardcore slalom and freeriding and looks sure to become a popular event. Next year should be epic too.

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