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    Cape Town Diaries, 2014/15

    It's a bit early to start the annual Cape Town/winter training thread, but I see that Virgin have a minor flight sale on at the moment.

    If you are thinking of going to Cape Town for a winter long stay, or just for December, then you can get economy flights starting at 758.

    This price entails leaving on or before December 8th however*. Departing after December 8th means a flight price of 950 or more under current offers.

    And you have to book by tomorrow afternoon to get the current sale prices:
    (scroll down to 'Economy' section).

    *Sample booking, December 8th to December 22nd 757.41
    December 8th to February 25th 757.41

    Virgin usually have another sale for the September booking period, once UK schools go back, after the August bank Holiday.
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    I see Virgin have another sale on at the moment – not especially cheap for Cape Town seats but this sale does now include flights departing on or after January 1st, with seats at 828.

    There are early December departure flights at the same price.

    Book by July 8th.

    It may be that prices come down lower for the same flights, especially in the sale they usually have at the end of August, but that price is not bad if you want to book early and plan the rest of your trip by booking accommodation etc.
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    Last chance to book at these sale prices.

    (I just booked mine! Yeh. Jan/Feb for 868, not bad.)
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    Sad to report, a rare shark attack, down at Muizenburg (which is not where we windsurf, as it's on the warm water side of the peninsula. )
    Muizenburg is a world famous learner's Surfing spot. And they normally have shark spotters working there, ready to clear the water if necessary.

    That's a very detailed report, and good to see how seriously they take these things.

    I have surfed at that very spot, many many times.

    It's also worth reminding potential visitors that you are more likely to be run over crossing the road in Cape Town than to be attacked by a shark. In ten years, I've never seen one.
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    I was on my way there on Friday for a surf when I heard the beach was closed. That said, there are at least 200 people in the water there nearly every day and there has been one other attack that I'm aware of. So your chances of being attacked by a shark are probably lower than your chances of dying swallowing a bee while eating an ice cream ... or tripping on the side walk and strangling yourself with your leash.

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    At least you can see a car coming? Nobby Clark is not quite as visible as a car. Interesting how the report lists sightings and attacks. Many more sightings than I thought and our winter seems the favoured time for the little buggers!

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    The thing about the shark issue is that it's a different mental thing for those living there and for regular visitors, than it is for those thinking of visiting for the first time.
    Newbies are primed by scare stories and by Jaws movies to think that anyone entering the foreign water will be eaten sooner or later.

    The facts tell you otherwise. The recent J Bay surfing event had hundreds of people in the water and no sharks. Just some visiting dolphins. Similar events happens every season without even a discussion of a potential problem. Cape Town has a year-round beach culture that is defined by sun, waves, and wind, and the odd traffic jam – but certainly not by sharks. The risk to beach goers is miniscule.

    I'm with Capie on this – because I have been to Cape Town for so any trips over the years and have spent many many hours in the water, including at many places where sharks are occasionally seen.
    I remember Timo said he saw a shark at Cape Point when windsurfing at Platboom once. We all like a shark story.
    Then again, we stand on our windsurf boards, more than we swim in the water.
    NO windsurfer has ever been attacked by a shark at Cape Town beaches. You don't see them in Big Bay or at Sunset Beach where most windsurf. And when you think you do, it's always a dolphin, seal, sunfish, or the occasional basking shark – which are vegetarian.

    I myself have not seen any sharks in ten years. And there are a lot of other things I'm a lot more wary of when in the Cape – from puff adders at Langebaan to thieves at cash machines. I climb Table Mountain a lot and am aware that tourists have been mugged on distant paths there. Then again, I have climbed up several paths alone, with a camera, iPhone and bank card in my pocket.

    Similarly, don't let silly shark stories put you off. It's a bit like being frightened of spiders.

    If you are thinking of a Cape Town trip then sharks should be the last thing on your mind. And think instead of the wind stats, the occasional swells, and all the wonderful things to do and see in such a far off but welcoming place.

    As it happens, I just confirmed my booking on a seafront apartment today. Overlooks Little Bay and Big Bay, and with a garage for my beach toys.
    The exchange rate is still very good for British tourists. The next airline sale usually coincides with UK schools going back in September – or from the August Bank Holiday weekend.
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