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    looking at tomorrow's forecast of NE, I was considering a trip to Brancaster. I've not sailed there before, but a search around indicates it is best a couple of hours around high tide. Any other tips for a relative sea-sailing novice?
    Thank you.
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    ummmm.....use larger text?

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    Thats what comes of trying to use an Ipad. That seems better now!

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    Perhaps if the chop/waves throw you off still, it would be best to wear a great big purple helmet like my ol'one. Park by the golf club in Branny and pay the chap in the hut about 3 (he might let you off coz your a windy). Be aware the lane to the beach does occasionally flood on high tides.

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    I'm planning to be there early tomorrow (NB: This is only a plan) before the lane floods (HW is about tennish).
    Look out for a bald headed old git trying to find someone who A: has the strength or technique B: doesn't try to rip the bloody thing out, to do up his dry zip.
    That'll be a few of them them. But I'm not a fatty.

    Edit: Tips for new to coast.
    1, Get on board & sail it.
    2, Try to stay upwind to the east of the bay as kiteys are restricted to the west of the golf club house.
    3, Enjoy yerself.

    Warning! There may be a shorebreak and sort of waves. Not to be confused with Jaws or any other frightening portrayal of coastal sailing you may have seen.
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