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    Travel bag, all in one ?

    I've been looking for one bag to take either two boards or a board and a few sails, masts and boom.
    So far prolimit session bag, pat love one shot, or have one made by whasup.
    Not sure what the whasup will look like, I've heard them mentioned on here, has anyone got a windsurf bag from them and maybe a photo ?

    What would you pick

    Thanks in advance

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    I got the Windsurfing Roller from Flying Objects. Takes my Chakra 85, boom, 2 masts, 3 sails and room to spare, as long as you can get the one-bag weight allowance.

    Light weight, well padded, all-plastic zips, wheels for the airport, and can strap the matching quiver bag on top for 'loads of gear' trips.

    It's been great on a number of trips... highly recommended!

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    This what I use:

    No wheels but that means your baggage allowance can be used for kit, rather than for the wheels.
    The wave size bag weighs about 5kgs.

    It fits three boards or two boards and sails or one board and lots of sails etc.
    The side straps mean it packs down to look as small as possible, whatever load you have in there.

    Nice and compact for the check-in desk then.
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    I second the FO triple bag you can get a board few sails and masts and a boom all in under 32kg. Compressing the bag down means there is great rail protection, harness at one end is nose protection then any other stuff for tail protection. As Bash says when you use the straps to compress it down it looks quite compact to the extent that on my last trip they didn't bother weighing it as it looked to be right!!

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    I use an Aerotech double board bag, cause it's really light also no wheels. For air transport protection I put a folded bubble wrap, it's like 4 layers, around the rails and add a little extra to nose and tail. Last year was my first trip of this kind and I was really satisfied, the only thing I need to add is a handle on one end of the bag, so I can pull it around on the airport floor.
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    These bags might not suffer as much board bags at the beach but have any of the manufacturers started using better quality, non metal/corrosion proof zippers yet, my Pat Love bag lasted about a season before the zip got stuck & broke off in m'hand!


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    Note earlier comments about plastic zips with Flying Objects bags.

    That seems to sidestep the corrosion problem you get with metal zippers.
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