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    Any tips on where in Cornwall to sail tomorrow? Too easterly for daymer?

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    Anyone know if QM will be worth a go tomorrow? I'm going to be in that area Sunday/Monday.

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    3pm, Easter Sunday.
    Hope we get some enthusiastic reports for today - I see that some places have managed 20mph+

    But there has been a lot of rain across the south too.
    We had a bit of NE wind early today, ahead of the rain, but then it dropped as drizzle moved in. Then it bucketed down and my roof guttering is leaking - probably with a bird nest blocking the down pipe.

    The afternoon wind has veered as expected to be side on at ENE here in Hove - but we've not the 15 mph forecast for here.

    Might manage a late SUP session if the sun comes out as the rain finally clears late afternoon.

    Looking ahead, the forecast for wind is still rubbish. DIY job Easter for me.
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    3 days on the water windsurfing over the Easter Holiday, nicer waves today....

    SUP tomorrow...!!

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    There's some proper wind appeared on Windguru for next weekend on the recent run.
    Let's hope it stays there – last night there was very little.

    The wind comes from a new tight low which may form in the west at the end of this week – but which may not move east, so, if it happens at all, the best wind may be in the west.
    On the midnight GFS run however, it shifts east over the weekend, meaning wind for most areas.
    Sunglasses on please.

    Back to today (Bank Holiday Monday) and the wind has left most places but, in the Southwest and for south Wales, the remains of yesterday's rain-fed low is setting up a stiff SE wind for beaches open to that direction.
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