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    Quote Originally Posted by Billyboy View Post
    I think the only time I've had genuine quality waves without a crowd on a surfboard was at Raglan in NZ. Just me, 2 mates and 1 freindly local for several hours on a perfect long head high point break. I bet that never happens now!
    Hmmm….yeah…nah…actually it does happen even now but more by luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stev-0 View Post
    Hmmm….yeah…nah…actually it does happen even now but more by luck.
    I may just head there next week for some quiet surfing, see WindyKen and enjoy some spring sunshine! :-)
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    Some nice crowded waves here. I wonder what the vibe in the lineup was like? I'm guessing intimidating. I would have HATED it. The section with Laird on his SUP also shows how daft anti-SUP sentiment is amongst prone surfers. Laird takes a completely different line and can therefore share waves with a prone surfer reasonably successfully where 2 or more prone surfers on a wave ruins it. Again its not Lairds formidable skill that allows for this tactic - I've SUP'd at fistral on a warm sunny day in august and got loads of waves without hindering prone surfers at all - I just told them to catch whatever they wanted, even if I was on it, and when they did we were rarely fighting for the same space on the wave. Maybe with shorter SUP's its different though...

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    Talking of crowds, when SUPing, beware of playful dolphins:
    Blank space

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    I need to buy a second paddle for my second board and im thinking about something better than my current RED fibreglass one. At the weekend I used a full carbon one (K3d) which has a large size paddle and this seemed great. Intended use is mainly flatwater with a sboard blend but with some wave use occasionally. Budget is 200 max. Anyone using a large paddle size? Im also tempted to settle for carbon shaft with fibreglass paddle, something like an x-paddle.

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    If you paddle mainly fatwater you are probably having more fun on touring board of 12.6/14ft.
    Unless you are really into racing a carbon shaft and fibreglass blad will be fine.
    Technicly most paddlers benefit from a slightly smaller blade and higher cadence as the other way around.
    A big blade can almost kill you (or at least torture your tendons).
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