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    Well I'll stick to being an unreconstructed bigot, SUP'ing is ghey, in the knaff meaning of the word, however many times this forums correction process inserts the word 'they' in it's stead.

    But it didn't stop me doing it when the mood takes, nor does it stop me speaking to, congratulating or associating with them, I'm just as happy society now accepts SUP riders rather than prosecuting them.

    However I do know some Surfers who hate them still.

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    Surfers are no fans of SUPs any more than shortboard surfers are fans of longboards – it's about the space they take up in the line up and on the wave, and about having big things coming at you that are often out of control:

    There's talk about an SUP ban in surf breaks on Oahu:
    Blank space

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graemef View Post
    I've got to give respect to those SUP dudes that did the round sheppy race, it was blowing five to six and at times punching a tide, I had to shake the leaders hand, he must have finished just after we did, it took us nearly 4 hours sat on our arse in a dinghy, he left at 8 in the morning and it must have been about 4 he got in. That's 8 hours battling tide and wind.... His name I've forgotten (I was knackered myself then got pissed later and destroyed another couple of thousand brain cells..) When I find the results I'll come back and post it, there was a girl still out there when I left, they all need congratulating.
    Thanks Graeme. It was me that you spoke to and I would add (for the benefit of other forum users) that it was a very genuine congratulations. Graeme came out of his way to congratulate me and shake my hand. That may surprise you and it surprised me too, as I am aware of his stance on Paddle boarding, (pardon the pun).
    Julia is the lady who took part. She is a Sheppey resident and the first lady to paddle around the island. It took her 11 hours and real grit to achieve that, much more than me.

    Just for the record I am very Hetero!
    I need more time to windsurf! work sucks!

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    Proposal for SUP ban in Oahu withdrawn. Common sense wins for now.
    "Kiting's fine, but it ain't windsurfing"

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    Surfers in certain locations hate everyone in the lineup who isn't a surfer. In fact scratch that. They hate everyone in the lineup except their mates.

    That article makes interesting reading - I don't remember any "taking turns" at crowded surf breaks when I was surfing. It was dog eat dog - the fittest and most aggressive surfers got all the waves to the point where you might have a lineup with 20 people in but only about 5 of them were surfing. I bet its those 5 that are whinging about the SUP's. Well, you reap what you sow I guess. When I'm on a SUP I feel like one of those 5 because I can catch anything, except I also use the other thing you can do with a SUP which is paddle off and avoid the crowds (possibly more difficult close to honolulu!)
    2012 5 Oceans 5.3m 4 Batten "light" version. Very good condition. 220 (SOLD)
    2011 5 Oceans 4m 4 Batten. Good condition. 180.
    2008 Demon (5 Oceans) Custom 4.6m 5 Batten. Well used, but in good working order with no rips or tears. 80

    PM me for more details/pics.

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    That's exactly what I was thinking! If you set up rules to keep SUPs out, then you should set up rules to keep good surfers away, or skilled longboarders. I quite like the irony that it is the bottom of the pack in terms of ability (in most instances) who are able to dominate the line up and cause all this fuss!! After years of scrapping and frustration! That said, I avoid the pack and the main peak whenever I SUP in waves. That's relatively easily done at Hove, Saunton or in Cornwall if you are on a beach break and there is always an alternative wave 50 yds away. I surfed a week in North Cornwall a few weeks back and just stayed a hundred yards off to the side of the pack catching all the set waves that came my way and all the small ones peeling from that side of the bay. In the UK, the waves shift around and often the occasional big ones swing wide anyway. If surfers had been making it over to my spot for those waves, i would have moved over or waited my turn. But they didn't and I took the lot waa hhaaa haaa ha! Once in a while I would end up in the pack (sometimes paddling back out after a long ride!! heh heh) and there was no problems at all. I didnt stick around to get in their way. With that big a board I just didn't feel comfortable close to others.
    "Kiting's fine, but it ain't windsurfing"

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