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    Standing up is a lot less cold as being in the water all the time. When i,m touring i,m still in running cloths (maybe time to switch to a longh john and a thin feece.
    I,m 5 days off but unfortunanelly over here no wind or waves and just cold very grey weather. (and of course we get waves as soon as I start to work).

    Anyway time for a quiverpic with all the new stuff

    From left to right:
    Starboard Pro 9.0x29x118l,
    Waveboard for when its on and holidays. The bigger the better and really likes fast waves.
    It will be replaced by the new Pro8.5x29x112l (under warranty) because it has a small problem with the carbon breaking around the lever. Hope to get it before Capetown, otherwise, this baby makes another trip
    I use it as tri fin when its big and as a quad when smaller.
    Starboard Airborne 8.8x31.5x123l got it a few weeks back.
    Fishy alike board and a lot thinner as most boards. Accelerates really fast in the small stuff and a bit more stable as the Pro.
    This is my new to go board for our Dutch crappy northsea conditions.
    The funny thing about it is that its a very easy and a bit azy board if you won,t step back. If you do step on the kickpad it suddenly accelerates a lot and become very agile like you hit the turbo button, really a day and night difference.
    Quad only (still have to try it with a nubster when bigger)

    Gong 10x25x115l longboard.
    Its a fat longboard that you can surf and sup when its clean.
    We often have very clean glassy waves between knee and hiphigh that aren,t really powerfull, but go a long way, and this baby gonna get them. I bought it 2th hand with some dings and scratches, but fine as an extra toy to make most of the summer and lesser conditions
    huge singlefin.

    Starboard Allstar12.6x26.5 (carbon)
    Full on 12.6 raceboard.
    I used to have a 14 as well because we compete in Holland in flatwater conditions on 14 foot boards (big bones overhere), but because I won,t be able to serious compete and train next year I sold it, but kept this baby Its great for BOB style races and a really good touring board.
    a good 14 goes faster, but doing 20k is absolutely no problem with this board.

    Confession: I have more SUP boards as windsurfingboards
    188x90kg 41y old, Supper/Windsurfer.

    Witchcraft Fextail 96l + 2015 Goya Quad84

    Hotsails Firelight 6.0 KS3: 5.5+5.2+4.9+4.6+4.0+Firelight3.4 Ultra + CAAS masts, TL cont@ct booms lots of fins.

    SUP: Starboard Airborne 8.8x31.5x123l / Pro8.5x29x112l / Gong incredible longboard 10x25x115l

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    I thought this was a good and comprehensive article about taking your SUP in surf;
    This space is kept clear for random notes, reminders, or a shopping list.

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