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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_gmac View Post
    I have two small adjustable Red paddles that my kids are just growing out of. Open to offers!

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    If we come back from hols and they keep asking to take the SUPs to the beach then I will be in touch. Trouble is you never know whether they will think something is fun for 15 minutes and then never mention it again, or whether they will want to keep at it!
    2012 5 Oceans 5.3m 4 Batten "light" version. Very good condition. 220 (SOLD)
    2011 5 Oceans 4m 4 Batten. Good condition. 180.
    2008 Demon (5 Oceans) Custom 4.6m 5 Batten. Well used, but in good working order with no rips or tears. 80

    PM me for more details/pics.

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    Our kids enjoy our paddleboards, but mainly when they're mucking about with other kids. Such a good way to start surfing, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim319 View Post
    It's probably the most Cornwall-esque beach in East Anglia that I've found. Perfect for SUPing and it'd be amazing for wavesailing in a Northerly swell and SE/SWerly wind, though that'll probably never happen.

    To be fair the wind was only 5kts onshore, so not nearly as choppy as it could be!
    I've had many good windsurfing days at Branny and I know that many of the North Norfolk locals go there (it's a long way from anywhere else), but tbh whenever there's any swell I will always head east. Branny isn't exactly well known for being a surfing beach and if there's a good wave there then it's gonna be as good or better elsewhere.
    Next time there's some swell drop me a pm, Tim.

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    Koster now has an SUP.
    Local wind only this week? Catch it if you can.

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    Koster is a better wave sailor than SUPer but throwing some solid spray though.

    This dude really impresses me with fluid style and speed. He's also the world Kite champ too.


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