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    Nice Peru SUP video:
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    This popped up on the PWA channel a couple of days ago. It's from the Cold Hawaii event 2013 but is from the (windless) day 5, when they held an SUP contest.

    Really nice wave footage, for SUP. Fun edit.

    (Bit of green stuff at the beginning, with the SUPing after.)
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    Inflatable WindSup

    Has anyone tried one or own one? I mean tried sufficiently to have an educated opinion.

    then, with daggerboard?
    or better without if people are going to paddle it often? (this one is unlikely to be used in waves)

    thank you for the advice

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    I wonder if they will have live coverage from La Torche when the SUP tour event gets underway, on Monday?

    The live stream quality was so good for the PWA wave heats, that it would be great to watch some live SUP action to the same standard.
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