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Thread: 2015 Equipment

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    Actually, I just checked the 2015 Severne gear on their site and they do again have a lightweight RDM mast – this year coming in at 1.3 for the 4m size.
    (Same as my own Amex Supermodel mast then.)
    Their 90% carbon RDM is probably a bit more durable if you're a rig trasher and the 4m length in that comes in at a respectable 1.6kgs.

    I'm still trying to work out who is making the lightest and stiffest carbon booms and the moment – but weights are often not given in the tech specs.
    A light wave boom should come in at the 2kgs mark but some are as heavy as 3kgs.
    A freeride/slalom blasting boom for 6m+ sails will be heavier and may need to be a bigger tubing diameter to get the required stiffness in that length of boom. For a 160-210 boom, 2.5kgs or less is good.
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    They would have to be bloody strong and long lasting as well as light with top performance for that price! I wouldn't spend it 'cos I have similar weight sails that I really like for much less, but I would like to try one. They must be confident they have something special to charge that. Once non-sponsored people start using them we will find out...
    2012 5 Oceans 5.3m 4 Batten "light" version. Very good condition. 220 (SOLD)
    2011 5 Oceans 4m 4 Batten. Good condition. 180.
    2008 Demon (5 Oceans) Custom 4.6m 5 Batten. Well used, but in good working order with no rips or tears. 80

    PM me for more details/pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billyboy View Post
    Once non-sponsored people start using them we will find out...
    Good one!
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