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Well, in the end I got two Enigmas.
One 150-200 slim to share with my daughter.
At two 1.8kg it should do the trick. 2.253kg with Variable race harness lines and thick unifiber uphaul
It is very stiff and I liked the finish and the looks, not that it matters now as yesterday it got a good sandblasting on the remains of hurricane Gonzalo. It did get a good trashing too.
I use it with an SDM head on a North Gold drop mast 400, grips nicely and no slippage. The clamp grips around the mast very well.

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I did go to see various other booms at shops hence the reason it took me a while to decide, the Al360 slim was a good contender but price was still high here in Italy and I did not like the finish so much. I'm fuzzy like that.

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and one 210-260 have not used it yet. Weight 3.175kg alone.
3.628 kg complete with Variable race harness lines and thick unifiber uphaul

One thing that I had not understood from the brochures blurb is that the grip area is V-grip 29mm it seems very comfortable and the aft section of the tubes get to 33mm so the diameter looks really large (visible in the picture above). I wonder how the swing weight will feel with large sails such as 8.6 to 9.5 as the aft section of the boom seems to have concentrated weight as opposed to the North Silver that is same diameter tubing all the length of the boom. The North Silver boom 2010 is 2.86kg alone.

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One thing to note also is that the eye to pass the uphaul attachment loop is very sharp, I sanded it down to a roundish internal edge.

(Note: so I have both enigmas with the sdm head looks solid and very good grip... even though we all know by now that it is a tight competition in functionality with the North i.front that has served me well )
So for those of you that like to measure things and fiddle with your gear like Mikerb in a windless day ()
I have done the same
See edit above.