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    Default Friday March 21st 2014

    Fantastic full power 4.2 day at Rhossy skatepark.
    So many ramps and lips to smack!

    One crash too many and go pro case has water in it!
    hmsgeoff rides Mootiful boards with K4 Finz and Simmer sails.

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    Late sail with a 5.2m on an 86l wave board for me – but the wind was iffy here as it has been all week.

    And there was a small wave, but this didn't shape up quite as hoped as the tide fell – mostly because the wind eased back too much.

    Should have sailed earlier but that would have meant travelling somewhere and work got in the way.
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    Yep, another late sail, first after work session of the year:-)
    Super windy session with steep ramps, managed a few good jumps but conditions were on the wild side of my comfort zone.
    Short session, zero successful gybes & struggled to waterstart in the steep sea so bottled out early before the gloom turned to dark.
    Windsurfers do it standing up in shop doorways.

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    Same as basher. Pretty good fun on 5.3m and big board. Got to try a 88 Shaman for a bit too and it was really interesting - surprisingly smooth over the chop (smoother than my chakra) with similar mega tight turning circle and ability to glide through lulls on the plane with almost no power as the 76 (that I own). Very "corky" which made it feel more bouyant than the same size chakra, and makes me think I could even go one size smaller for my big board (and perhaps why I am often comfortable on the 76 when others are mainly on floatier boards??). Would like to try it with bigger side fins for drivier turns - I found out later it was set up with 12cm side fins (flexi K4's) for a 3.7m day. This made it a bit skatey in turns where I prefer to be able to push the fins and use the drive to squeak out a bit of extra speed to compensate for low sail/wave power, but alround it still worked pretty good "under finned" - especially upwind. Hopefully I'll get to swap my chakra for one (or something else early planing and a bit more wavy) at some point.
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    After work sail at Hamworthy, after a visit to our poole office. On 6.2 and 104 then changed down to 5.5. Made it round 3 gybes in a row, first time I've done that for a little while.
    '13: 37
    '14: 28

    Interested in:
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