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    Default How are your eyes?

    My eyes have been troubling me recently and I have to go and get them checked out.

    So it was a bit alarming to read this on MagicSeaweed today:

    Surfer's Eye
    Blank space

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    Can you see by yourself in a mirror? Is that growing in your eye?

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    yup, noticed I had one about 5 years ago, I started wearing sunnies more and thankfully so far it seems to have slowed up the growth. Specialist says they only chop it off when it affects vision as it tends to grow back (allthough the article said this was not the case). Worst bit is when tired or been out in the sun it looks like ive had a heavy night of drinking n fighting! Wear sunnies!
    (note although I have never managed to bring myself to wear the goggle type ones on the water, they turn you into 'the fly'!

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