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    Apparently, Southwick beach has made the 'good beach guide' for the fifth year running:
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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    Apparently, Southwick beach has made the 'good beach guide' for the fifth year running:
    I find that slightly ridiculous. I guess its down to the criteria, but this is so not a good beach by any normal standard. It is toxic along there some low tides plus add in the dodgy liaisons and the nudists. The lack of access, the timber spikes sticking out of the sand.
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    I think it means the official 'buoyed off' bathing section of the beach, upwind of where we normally launch.

    PS. The spikes have gone.
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    I think that "good beach guide" is only about water quality, not about whether the beach is actually any good! Water quality will depend on how much its been raining just before they take the measurement. I bet it was rank most of this winter, along with pretty much the whole of the south coast!

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    It's perhaps time we had an update on this, as a lot of work has happened on Southwick beach (south of the harbour) since this thread was started.

    The winter storm damage has been repaired and we now have a new promenade at Carats car park, with an added fence to lean your boards on.
    The sea wall collapses have been repaired, with most bad sections of the rusty corrugated metal panels now sheathed in fresh concrete.

    I guess the main news though is we now have more sets of steps down to sections of the beach – 5 sets, where last year there were just two – and three groynes have also been renewed.
    Work on these beach sections is not yet complete and when I went down there today at low water, there is still a problem with old posts and random bits of metal sticking out of the shingle where you might launch your board or come ashore.

    But the work is still in progress and several western sections of the beach are now cleaner and more accessible from the promenade.

    The spring tides this week have allowed the diggers to work on a beach section further east, down at Hotpipes – and I think they are installing a new groyne down there.

    I took some pics on my phone which I'll upload later.
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