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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    Worth commenting just how warm it was yesterday in Weymouth. It felt very spring like and no need for gloves in the sunshine. In fact there were lots of people watching on the beach and standing around in between sessions wasn't cold either. Fingers crossed winter is behind us.

    edit: in fact winter never really arrived
    I never wear gloves and was bare foot yesterday (ok - the latter cos i forgot em, but it was ok)
    My feet were bright red after a couple of hours mind....

    Went to Horton with local super friendly bunch - cross off and waist to head with the very occasional bigger (caught a gem right near the end that was definately big - was riding up the face to the lip)
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    Avon early for the first session - nuked on my 4.2 with some awesome DTL riding logo hi on the good ones,followed by an afternoon session 4.7 in the sunshine. Waves had eased off a little but still some beauties. Probably the best wave riding day I've ever had! Fair play to Charlie W I don't think he stopped for about 5hrs!

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    30 knots inland at datchet water, was on 4.2 and 104 synchro. The board felt a bit big a times, sail size was right. Good fun, quite knackering though, I think I need to get a bit fitter! Some great pics, thanks for those. Two others out. I managed quite a few not so intentional jumps, and a couple of intentional ones. Good fun.
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