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    If I can agree to an extent with Rod here, it's always best to forge a 'relationship' with one forecast or another.
    By that I mean you work out which site works best for your local beach – in terms of what you actually get compared to forecast expectations.

    But the fundamental thing in the UK, is to compare Met Office/local BBC predictions with sites based on the alternative (and world wide) GFS model. (Windfinder, net Weather, Big Salty, XCweather, Windguru etc etc).

    The GFS computer produces a fantastic world-wide set of forecasts but often struggles with local factors and can't match the local historical data input used by some reputable locally based models.

    You also need to watch out that some GFS-based forecasts update far more slowly than others, so are often out of date for the computer-generated model they are based on.

    Windguru pro is good.
    Marginal wind in Southeast Saturday afternoon? Better wind across north Wales and for Scotland.

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    My approach is look at windguru and the BBC for wind forecast, then on the day check the local webcams/now casts and xc to see what's happening. Is a front coming and is it earlier or later than forecast etc with a peak at magic seaweed for swell forecast and to see what the bouys are recording. Plus a look at the BBC's tide site for days like tomorrow or marginal swell days.

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    I use XC weather and windfinder........the strange thing is that which one works out more accurate seems to vary in will be on the ball for a few weeks..........then the other! Fortunately both locations I usually sail have online weather stations so a final decision can be made in the morning based on what is actually happening at each. My house is only 1 mile in from the sea so my back garden is a pretty good guide as well.

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