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    i'm aiming for a 2nd session later with tim79 because he was working this morning. The low tide has flattened off lancing. its still fun looking but not walling up. To top it all the kiters have cralwed out from under their rocks, so it must be poor. We are going to check Carats on the push and if that is a mess, then lancing 2-3 hours after low could start standing up with decent wave size again.
    "Kiting's fine, but it ain't windsurfing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billyboy View Post
    I find it hard to believe it wont be really good at lancing.....
    the forecast looks so good, but JamieT has put me off now!
    For the record it was off the dial this morning. As good as it gets.
    "Kiting's fine, but it ain't windsurfing"

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    Back at lancing. Tide needs to come up more. Plenty of wind.
    "Kiting's fine, but it ain't windsurfing"

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