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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzabee View Post
    Most of the videos that are online are probably from summer-time when the wind direction is likely to be N-NNE, which apparently is a tad onshore. Billyboy mentioned earlier in this thread that Bouke recommends sailing Glass only when the wind angle is 10 on windguru.
    In my june holiday, glass worked 6 out of 10 days (for wind that is, 2 days were flat). Wind was NNE between 10 and 20 degrees on windguru. It was always side-offshore. I think that if it goes onshore the wind just shuts off because it is blocked by lobos so you can't sail it at all when its anything other than side to side-offshore. The wave is long enough for a few turns if that is what you want, but a lot of the locals like to line up for a big aerial and then gybe off, not bothering with what's left. However, what is left is pretty fun for a shingly, and if you don't gun it dtl for the aerial in the first place there is more wall to play with! A dtl starved shingly will be more than satisfied, if they can get a wave in the first place!

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    I spent one week on Fuerte January 2013 and it was perfect. Two Majanicho sessions, one Puerto Lajas and one Punta Blanca. So a very good mix of different kind of conditions. But I have to agree w.r.t. Punta Blanca, it was a bit frustrating with wind and groundswell mixing up to some sort of chaotic walls of powerful white water. What made my trip is that I also like to surf. And if a good surf session is high on your list too, then I think it ios really hard to beat Fuerte, because if you can't sail, you most probably find a decent surf somewhere.

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