Well I'll see what I can do to fix it and as soon as I have the results on water I'll post here =D
I would like to thank to everyone who has helped me with it! You guys were of invaluable help.

Well Capie, unfortunately there's no such places as a camping club here hahaha.

jknhismassivevan, you might be talking about the Team Brazil -- the only windsurfing store in the entire country --, well, what you just said sounds a little unusual to me. I buy all my stuff overseas, because here in Brazil they seem to cost twice to three times more than in the USA or Europe (I bought this sail from the Quayside Windsurfers), and our mail system is catastrophical, I've been waiting for an easy uphaul to arrive from the USA more than a month... Probably they sent you your mast via someone who was going to Sao Miguel. I don't live here in Brazil, just spending holidays with family so I won't risk it, I'd like to enjoy as much time as I can on water =)

Sailrepair, I think I'll try to do as you said

Thank you once again fellow windsurfers!