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    Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
    I would rather we had threads about windsurfing - like this one.
    Sounds to me you a bit of a control freak and go nuts when someone doesn't do or behave as you want them too.

    If I were you, I'd seek help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill104 View Post
    One tall chap I know rigs in a very odd way because of his height. In his case there is usually 15-25cm of extension sticking out of the bottom of his sail. For him it works but you can see the effect on the lower half of his sail albeit quite minor.
    Maybe more precise than the height of a sailor, is the height of the harness hook used. That can be varied with waist or seat harness and some harnesses enable different hook heights, but I think it also matters where your waist is in relation to your height. For example I am 6ft 1 but I have long legs/high waist. I know some tall/very tall people are longer in the body whilst leg length is relatively normal. That said, I have trained myself to use progressively lower boom settings in all but very light winds.

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