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    Quote Originally Posted by PK1111 View Post
    North coast good.
    south coast bad.
    That depends on where you go...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik the Viking View Post
    Did you say brown water?! I thought you guys only had the lovely clear blue stuff that we dream about this way!
    Pretty much just run off from the fields, although there was a lot of weed/kelp stuff floating around which is obviously left over from the storms.

    I'm sure normal blue sea conditions will soon be resumed.
    Just passing through.................

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    ref brown stuff... Langstone Harbour (Esso Beach, Hayling) might be for the brave only on rainy days:
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    It does clearly say at the top (North end) of the harbour that the water is not suitable for activities involving full immersion and I can't see that will change by the time you get to the Esso car park. I walk my dog there every day and am not proud of my fellow dog owners: the one time I launched from there at the end of last year the beach was a minefield, dog's eggs everywhere It has also been badly affected in the storms with rubbish piled up, and there are some quite large baulks of timber floating around- they'd slow you down if you met one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbadwez View Post
    Overall not a bad day although I did make a bit of a t!t of myself trying to negotiate the rig through the keyhole in the harbour wall.
    I saw that too - or rather heard it. I've done the same, so either ask someone to help me get it over the wall or de-rig in the water now. But hindsight's a wonderful thing!
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