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    Jem's comments from a few trips to WA

    about right in Gero you use a 4.2 a bit more
    i used 4.7 and 5.3 a lot and a bigger board for early sessions and lighter days - i learnt **** loads at coros
    had ok sessions at Margs

    Had some great sailing at Esperance - observatory for side off punchy beach break and from lunch till 3- 4 ish, then it goes too offshore (as i remember)
    Then fourth beach, more side / side on by 4ish , for side on action (closer to town so on your way home anyways )
    Esperance is for you Atoll, beautiful clean water!

    Coros is great for many things - especially jumps AND FORWARDS : )
    Point moore, in Gero, is a bit weird but it gets more wind and gets the wind first
    Sunset beach, in Gero, works with swell
    Needs to blow in Gero before it reaches Coros - 30 mins away
    Kalbarri is worth a trip and might have some good suping

    V little time in Lanos

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    Very limited kit for Sarah and Stef's trip
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    Well that is encouraging - seems like I got bit of a season long skunking. It happens, nature of the game.
    As Ben says its what you make of it.

    The most annoying thing retrospectively for me is that I may never again attend an ashes series in oz where england win! We went to the 4th test at the WACA and the 5th in Sydney. If you've never experienced the barmy army abroad, its not overated. Amazing atmosphere. Amazing games. Did feel sad for the ozzy supporters though, they looked distraught, like part of their national identity and psyche had been irrevocably damaged.

    Still if you will oppress your indigenous population and their cultures, then all your national identity is left with is a load of wannabe europeans having a barbie in the sun, watching ozzie rules and trying to pretend their not just chinas coal mine tucked away at the arse end of the world
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    Trying to post discussion about costs.

    Will wait until forum is working again.
    The wind looks rubbish over Easter – but try beaches open to NE winds on Sunday.

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    Hi well everyone has their favourite spots and after 10 years of going to WA it is ours.
    What I also know as fact after the 10 years from us and other people doing the same thing (recording the sailing stats), is that if you are prepared to drive a bit to different spots, over each 6 month season we have sailed over 50% of the whole time. This is a 82kg person on a 80ltr or less wave board with a 5.3 or less sail in real wave sailing. Obviously if I were not 60 years old and had bigger and better kit I could have sailed much more, maybe 70%. WA has a good wind and wave record but you must be at the right place at the right times. Locals will not advertise this as they are quite happy if you don't wish to go, we will return this year.

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